Module 4 – Creating the new culture

Module 4 – Creating the new culture

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The learning objectives for this module are:

  • To define what is meant by ‘culture’ and ‘subculture’, and relate these concepts to healthcare

  • To analyse how culture change in industry has influenced healthcare

  • To explain the relationship of culture to systems and structure in health services

  • To explore the relationship between leadership and culture

  • To outline the three main steps in appraising an organisation’s culture

  • To describe the six steps that can be taken to create an appropriate healthcare culture for the 21st century – developing subcultures of collaboration and stewardship

By the end of this module you will be able:

  • To assess the part that language plays in shaping and changing a culture

  • To use examples from industry to convince colleagues of the importance of culture in the transformation of healthcare

  • To explain how to create the culture necessary to minimise waste and optimise value

  • To explain the importance of leadership to creating the ‘right’ culture in healthcare organisations

  • To appraise the culture of a healthcare organisation

  • To take steps to influence the culture or subcultures of an organisation

Duration: 90 minutes approx
Access to module: 6 months from purchase
Price: £29.00 (Excl of VAT)



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